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Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after Black Friday. Created by companies to get folks to shop more online this day has become a real deal for online shoppers.

If you follow my site you know that I often offer to you my thoughts on tools deals and quality tools to give as gifts for the PRO contractor.

I jokingly say to folks, “forget the ugly sweater or stupid tie and buy a toll that will save you time and money!”

A Concord Carpenters Gift Guide:

My first Holiday Tool Shopping Guide was designed with only excellent products – NO JUNK tools!  But don’t just take my word you need to see what the other tool publication websites are offering.

In the world of online tool publications there are only a few sites that are worth paying attention too. Oh yeah and they have holiday shopping guides too ~ check them out below:

Other Holiday Tool Guides:

I write for this website.  Its a fun group of guys.  This years Holiday Gift Guide shows off some of our favorite tools and suggestions for gifts. The guide covers everything from simple DIY’er type tools all the way up to very expensive must have tools for contractors.

ProToolReviews:     A tool guide for the PRO contractor.  These folks discern what’s really a good deal and what’s just fluff and make recommendations on excellent tool and products.

CopTool:   I know what your thinking.  Is this site selling handcuffs,pepper mace and expandable batons?  Nope – its a great resource and will get you thinking about the perfect gift for the PRO or handy guy or gal on your shopping list.  With a wide variety of price ranges and interests in mind hopefully some of the items on this list will be that perfect gift or at least give you some good ideas for yourself.

HomeFixated:  A bit of a wordsmith and comedian all mixed up in one. This site will make you laugh, cry and scream for not finding it before!     If your a fan of the Christmas Grinch then you need to see this holiday gift guide.   From bottle openers to lust-worthy power tools, this guide has 25 favorite picks.    Even for you Grinches out there!


This sites guide offers up a wide selection of fantastic tools for everyone from tool boxes, drills, impact drivers, saws and much more. The selection is hand picked by guys who use these products and stand by them.

Tool Rank:   I still think the editor of this site is Johnny Depp, maybe it is?   It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, nope its a really talented carpenter / tool site editor who guides you toward some great tool related gifts for the tool lovers in your life.

ToolSkool:  For the best in tool review videos online, Editor Brad Staggs is the media man!   If you have not seen his videos your in for a special treat – almost all of his tool reviews have them.   Check out the ToolSkool Holiday Guide for a special video treat!!

Tools In Action:   Remember the movie the “Odd Couple?”   We’ll the two guys at TIA fit the bill.  They have a unique style and humor that will get you laughing and keep you there.   Get some help deciding what to get the man in your life for Christmas

Tool Guyd:   This guy has forgotten more than I know – and if you get into the nitty-gritty of tool mechanics, design and electronics this site is for you.  ToolGuyd has some of the coolest gizmo’s, gadgets and great tool recommendations!

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