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Cutting Plywood To Size Using A Saw Guide

Cutting Plywood Sheets

Making a straight in plywood can be difficult.

Instead of free-hand cutting with a circular saw, using a guide can can produce table saw straight cuts.

A simple shop-made guide is easy to make out of a couple of strips of plywood scrap with two clamps.

There are several different types of commercial guide systems.   I use the an edge guide made by Affinity Tools called the Bora Edge Guide.  Click here to see my review on this tool.

It doesn’t matter what method you use to make these cuts the set up is pretty much the same.

You need to measure the distance from the blade to the edge of the circular saw base edge.  Take that measurement and set your straight edge that distance from the cut line.  Then install your straight edge and make your cut.

Where To Buy:

You can purchase your own BORA Edge Clamp Guide here.

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