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Custom Computer Desk With Rockler I-Semble System

Making a custom computer desk with Rockler I-Semble System is a simple do-it-yourself project:

Rockler recently sent me some I-Semble Shelf Blocks to review.  These brackets sat on my workbench for a few days before the creative juices hit me and I realized that the solution to a problem of mine was right in front of me.  I look at these brackets as problem solvers for the do-it-yourselfer.

Did I say problem solver?

Yup, you can now build your own furniture without complicated wood joinery skills or a shop full of expensive tools. Read on!

My problem was that my daughter wanted a computer desk in her room and originally wanted this desk to situate between two twin beds.  The size between the beds meant that I was going to have to have something custom made or make it myself.

Making it myself meant spending a ton of time I just didn’t have building this desk .  This was a project I had been putting off and it was the last thing I wanted to get involved in.

I decided to make a custom computer desk with Rockler I-Semble System.

The Rockler I-Semble brackets can solve anyone furniture problems and can be used to make bookcases, a desk, entertainment centers, kids furniture, fun dorm furniture, and more.

Making a custom computer desk with Rockler I-Semble System is a simple Do-It-Yourself project, all you need is a screw driver and the I-Semble Shelf Blocks.  All of the wood I used was left over from a previous project.

Let’s talk about the wood.  You can use anything from Cherry to plywood to a hollow core door blank.  It’s upews needed come with the shelf blocks, you need to supply the wood.

 Rockler I-Semble System Video Review:

The I-Semble Shelf Blocks are a powder coated steel construction and “L” bracketed shape which can support shelving spans of up to 36″ of standard 3/4″ lumber.

Technical Details:

Making A Custom Computer Desk With Rockler I-Semble System:

I decided to use some left over Cherry wood I had from a project I did 15 years ago.


I sanded the edges and then eased all of the sharp edges with a hand plane. I cut my desktop to the size I wanted and then cut 4 smaller pieces for the shelves and leg bottoms.  I cut the four shelves the same size as the I-Semble brackets.

Fitting and sizing the wood was the hardest part.  The rest was assembly which required installing 8 screws per bracket – that simple!

Once all the parts were sized and sanded I added a coat of Cherry stain to clean the wood up a bit – after all it has been sitting in my shop wood pile for 15 years.

The I-Semble brackets solved my current desk problem and in a few years when my daughter is off to college I can easily take the desk apart and make her a bookcase, storage unit or something else.  These brackets are very versatile.

Where To Buy And How Much?

The I-Semble Shelf Blocks (47512) come in pairs and retail for $19.99. They are available at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide, Rockler independent resellers,

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