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Custom Bathroom Mirror


I wanted a mirror with a medicine chest in my new bathroom and did not want tit to detract from all of the wainscoting on the walls and old, stain glass window I installed.

Look A Magazines for Ideas:

I tell people all the time to look on websites, photo blogs and magazines to get their design ideas.  My design was no exception.  I saw and chose an old looking medicine chest in a Renovator Supply catalog.  Using the catalog picture as a guide I made my chest to mimic it.


I used poplar to make the mirror case.  I like poplar because its reasonably priced, does not have knots and is fairly stable to work with.  The mirror face frame and shelves are also poplar.  The mirror back was 1/4 inch Birch plywood.

The mirror door has four pieces that surround and enclose the mirror.  I made these wooden parts our of poplar and use a cope and stick method of joining them.  A shaper helps when doing this.    Once the door was made and fitted I had a local glass company cut me the mirror glass. To make the glass mirror stop I ripped the small profile off of a cope and stick profile.

The head molding I bought at a local mill shop.  I liked it because it was one solid piece and looked and felt substantial for my “entablature” look.

Installing the Cabinet:

The cabinet sits on top of wainscoting but is also fastened to wall studs with 3-inch decking screws and finish washers.  I like sing the finish washers because they prevent the screw head from blowing out the plywood back.


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