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CST Berger LL20 Self Leveling Exterior Line Laser

CST / Berger LL20 Exterior 360 Degree, Construction Laser


The CST Berger LL20 Self Leveling Exterior Line Laser is a solution for contractors needing leveling application on small exterior projects on light commercial or residential construction leveling segments.

Up to this point if you wanted a viable exterior 360 degree laser level outside you either hoped for an overcast day  or needed to purchase and expensive laser or use a receiver with the laser.

The BEST part of this level?  It’s made in the U.S.A.

The CST Berger LL20 Self Leveling Exterior Line Laser is a compact, non-intimidating and easy to use line laser.  It has a single button operation and as a result no real training is needed to operate this level which is refreshing.

It is well constructed and uses a cone mirror laser technology that enables the laser to function with no moving parts typically found in rotary lasers water.   The CST Berger LL20 is water dust rated at IP55 to withstand and has a rugged housing case design and thick over-mold in key impact areas for protection from drops.

The CST Berger has an adjustable audio output can be switched between “soft,” “loud” and “off” volume settings, is powered by four AAA batteries and has multiple mounts at the bottom of this unit allow it to work with most tri-pods and stands.

The CST Berger LL20 provides a horizontal 360 degree line  with a maximum range of 262 feet or 80 meters.  A self leveling mechanism up to +/- 4 degrees and a leveling accuracy of 3/16-inch at 100 feet.    The laser also indicates when it is not level.

An optional LD3 Detector can extend thre range of the CST Berger LL20 to 530-foot range. (diameter)

Indoor Applications:

Outdoor Applications:

The CST Berger LL20 Self Leveling Exterior Line Laser  is a realistic solution for exterior contractor and will be able to powerful performance and accurate results at a more affordable price than typical rotary lasers used for these applications   This laser will retail for approximately $499.00.

Visit or call 800-435-1859 for more information.

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