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Crown Molding Cost

How Much Does Crown Molding Cost?

Several people have recently emailed me asking how much does crown molding cost to install in a room.  In fact I get this question the most.

Value of Crown Molding

Crown molding, is one of most important architectural elements used to define interior spaces. Most of today’s interior designers agree that every room benefits from the use of crown molding treatment.  Crown molding smooths the transition from wall to ceiling and defines the architectural style of a room.

Crown Molding Size and Style

The size and style of crown molding used may vary widely, from a simple coves in a farmhouse kitchen to large built-up cornice in a grand entryways.

Dressing up a foyer, dining or living room doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Most 5″ or less crown molding cost approximately $1.50 per foot.

A 15′ x 14′ room, with with no jogs or built outs, would require 4- 16′ [$ 100 in material] long pieces of crown molding. the molding comes in specified lengths and using 16-footers factors in waste and ensures no joints.

Labor and mark up factored in to install crown in this 15′ x 14′ room would cost approximately $ 1200.00. This cost involves moving the room of furniture and protecting the floors from tools. Total job should take one day.

Choosing Crown Profiles

If you are not trying to match existing profiles it is often a good idea to get several 6-inch to 1-foot lengths of crown trim that you think may look good in the room, and temporarily install them.  This will allow you to see which trim profile works best in the room.

Crown Molding Cost

Here is a great, local resource for moldings.

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