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CRAFTSMAN C3 Cordless Tool Line


Imagine a world where one cordless tool battery fit all of your cordless tools.

Sound far fetched?

Not for Craftsman, their NEW Craftsman ‘s C3 cordless power tool system,means that  one 19.2 V DieHard rechargeable battery fits  30 Craftsman C3 cordless power tools.

When using the Craftsman C3 tools with a 19.2 V DieHard lithium-ion battery, users will experience a more lightweight feel, 295 percent better performance, and 40 percent longer shelf life than its Ni-Cd counterpart. The battery charges in less than one hour and contains an indicator that turns from green to yellow to red, showing the battery’s energy level.

C3 tools are also compatible with a 19.2 V DieHard Ni-Cd battery.

This is a huge advancement in cordless technology.  One battery fits all if going to become a trend!

The following are just a few of the many tools powered by these batteries:

C3 Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver–The lithium-ion battery makes the drill driver 30 percent lighter than non lithium-ion full size drills. With the included battery, the motor delivers up to 340 and has two speeds (0-440 and 0-1,600 RPM).The drill is equipped with a 1/2 in. keyless chuck, 24 position adjustable clutch and built-in LED work light to handle jobs with dim lighting. The compact design only weighs 4.2 lbs. The C3 Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver (#11910) retails for $166.99.

C3 Jigsaw with Laser–This cordless jigsaw features Laser Trac for proper blade alignment to follow line of cut and a powerful motor to handle a heavy workload. The saw has trigger controlled variable speed (0-1200 RPM) to customize for each job, four orbital cutting positions to cut various materials, a 1 in. blade stroke for a longer blade life, tool-less blade clamp, overmold handle for added control, tilt base and on board blade storage for convenient use. The C3 Jigsaw with Laser (#11569) retails as an add-on tool for $59.99.

C3 5 ½ Inch Circular Saw

This cordless saw includes a laser mounted on the upper blade guard to help make an accurate cut. The saw includes a powerful 19.2 V motor, 4500 RPM for fast, clean cuts, a spindle lock, die cast aluminum upper blade guard and can achieve a 1-9/16 depth-of-cut at a 90 degree angle and a 50 degree bevel cut. The C3 5 ½ Inch Circular Saw (#11429) retails for $64.99.

Additional Craftsman C3 tools powered by the 19.2 V DieHard batteries include the:

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