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Cordless Drill Storage Station

How To Make A Cordless Drill Storage Rack

I like my shop neat and orderly.   When I need a tool I expect it to be in a certain spot.   In my shop I use a few small cordless drills and impact drivers.   Keeping track of them was difficult until I decided to make a cordless drill storage station.

Cordless Drill Storage Station Steps

Using three pieces of scrap plywood you can make a quick and easy storage rack.  Here’s how:

  1. Measure your drills and impact drivers to determine the size boards you need.
  2. Using a wide piece of plywood layout your drill locations on each edge of the board.
  3. I used a 2.5″ Forstner drill bit of bore holes in my plywood to hold the drill housing and for the working end of the drill to index into.
  4. I then ripped this board into two boards and to the size I decided was best to hold the drills in position.  This measurement depends on the tools you have.  I wanted my drill handles to be parallel to the floor. 
  5. Holding the boards on edge I used a miter saw to away the plywood in the way of my half of the circles.
  6. I used glue and screws to attach all three boards and then attach the rack to the wall.

While not pictured here I installed a wall mounted power strip below this rack and plugged all of the chargers below for easy access for a battery change.


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