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Copper Lantern Repair

Copper Lamp Post Repair

A client of mine has this beautiful copper lantern on a post in their front yard. This past winter heavy winds and pushed snow from the snow plow caused the solder joints holding the lantern seams together to break.  They asked if I was able to perform a copper lantern repair.  I said sure let’s give it a try.

I brought the lantern back to the shop to repair it.  For this copper lantern repair I decided that a mechanical connection would be better than re-soldering the seams so I installed two copper rivets to each seam.

Copper Lantern Repair

Four of the eight seams on this lantern broke and the frame was slightly bent as a result.   I used “seam-ers” to straighten the frame before installing the rivets.

Three glass panes also broke and were replaced.

Photo above: clamping the seams together. [click on phot to enlarge]

Photo above: Drilling holes for copper rivets.

It’s important that I used copper rivets with the copper lantern.  Steel or aluminum rivets used with copper both run the risk of galvanic corrosion.

Photo above: installing rivets

Lantern installed.

~ concord carpenter
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