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The Importance or Your Past Clients and Referrals

Back in November, I posted on ” A Different Approach to Customer Appreciation.”  which focused on the importance of focusing on your existing, loyal customers.  What I did not discuss was the importance of contractor referrals.

Focus On Your BEST Customers

That post mentioned the importance of focusing my advertising efforts by giving back to my “BEST” customers.

This type of approach is especially important to keep business flowing in these unprecedented, uncertain financial market times.

Performing unsolicited, free warranty calls on past work is one way to provide outstanding customer service as well as a way to jump start new projects.

Who Are Your Connectors?

I’m currently reading a book called “Turning Point” by Malcolm Glad well.

In this book Glad well writes about “connectors” as being the hubs of all social networks. He uses the example of how Paul Revere was a connector and that was the main reason why he was so successful in getting the word out that the British were coming.

Family History Of Referrals

There are connectors in all aspects of our lives; including contractor referrals.   If you took the time to sit down and figure out how you got a job and who was behind the referral, [past post] my guess is that, in short time you will be able to figure out who your best “referral connectors” are.

When I did this exercise I realized that several jobs could be traced back to one person. [e.g., The Scott job was referred to me by the Kelley’s. The Black’s job was referred to me by the Smith’s. When I looked further back – The Kelly’s and Smith’s were BOTH referred to me by the Jone’s who hired me on the outstanding recommendation of my painting contractor, Mark O’Lalor Painting.

Here’s the breakdown:

1.  O’Lalor Painting refers the Jones’ Family
2.  Jones Family refers to BOTH the Smith and Kelly Families
3.  Smith Family refers Black Family
4.  Kelly Family refers Scott Family

O’Lalor Painting and the Jones Family are my “referral connectors.”

Using this example I need to start looking at these two people as my biggest, loyal fans and treat them that way!

Asking these people for ideas and suggestions to help me increase my carpentry leads will probably result in more business.

Moral of my story: Know who your connectors whether it be a customer or from contractor referrals, thank them and take care of them!


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