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Contractor Outsourcing Specialty Jobs

Michael Stone , a construction coach, consultant and author of Mark Up and Profit has some very excellent advice for contractors.

Michael is troubled when he hears about remodelers planning to save money by bringing in-house what they once farmed out to specialized subcontractors.

“A company will not cut costs by bringing the work in-house,” says Stone, of construction industry business management training company “I hate to see these guys dig themselves into a hole without even realizing it.”

Specialist Save Money In Long Run

Specialized trade contractors are almost always more cost-effective on fixed-price projects, Stone says.

“Specialists will almost always do a job faster than someone who does not do the work every day,” Their experience means fewer delays due to unforeseen problems and less time spent searching for the parts and materials that skilled plumbers, electricians, and insulation contractors almost always have on hand.

You get higher quality. “You don’t have to pay them until it’s done the way they agreed,” Stone says. If your employees do the work poorly, by comparison, you have to pay them to fix it. You pay twice!

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Source: Leah Thayer, senior editor, REMODELING

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