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Poly Classic Columns

Tips for Cutting Round Columns

Photo: Concord Carpenter. Used poly classic columns.

Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer Columns

In the world of residential and commercial remodeling I repair and replace a lot of columns and have recently been leaning ion using Poly Classic columns.  [See:  How To Replace A Porch Column]

Decorative house columns have returned to popularity not only for traditional homes but also for many newer style houses.  They are being used to add key architectural detail, extend the facade of the house, and for structural support for porches and built-outs.

Structural or Decorative

Columns are either structural or decorative. Structural types are made of materials that can bear substantial house weight:

Non- structural columns are made of polymers (some columns are split or hollow and may cover a weight-bearing wood or metal post).

Columns come in many classic styles and shapes and a variety of decorative caps and bases. They are typically sold in increments of 4 feet.

Poly Classic Columns Cost:

A typical 10-inch- diameter-by-8-foot-long column costs about $250 to $ 300 to purchase and are available in either smooth or fluted styles; and come with capitals and bases.

I’ve recently started using Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer Columns.  My lumberyard, Concord Lumber, sells a brand called Poly-Classic columns.

I recommend considering these columns for several reasons;

Replacing Wood Columns

Replacing rotting wood columns with similar looking fiberglass Poly Classic Columns is not only cost effective, but wise in the long run when considering and comparing the durability of the two, maintenance and future replacement costs.

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