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Replacing Bi-fold Doors With A Double  Doors



A customer recently asked me to remove a double bi-fold door and come up with a better alternative for their entry hall way closet.  This area was in need of a closet door upgrade.

Seems that the bi-fold doors always fell off it’s track and were cumbersome to open and close.  this is a common complaint with bi-fold door.  Over time they wear and do not track well, not to mention they are not easy to operate and flimsy.  

Getting Rid Of The Bi-Fold!

In our world or residential and commercial carpentry we are often asked what is involved in replacing these doors.  My common answer, if there is enough door swing, is to install a pre-hung double closet door with dummy knobs and ball catches.

Closet Door Upgrade  [double pre-hung door unit.]

In this situation my suggestion was just that, install a double closet door pre-hung unit.

The new door unit uses two real six panel, solid wood, doors and seems to appear to open and close like a regular door but instead the doors are latched by ball catches installed in the upper edge of the door. The door knobs are also fixed, in that they do not turn, similar to a kitchen cabinet door knob.

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