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Closet Design ~ Exterior Sketch View

Let me start by saying that I don’t have many “best” friends but the one’s I have are stellar.

Case in point:

The other night my friend Dan Broggi and I were enjoying a cold beer at a local pub. I was telling Dan that I had just looked at a small remodeling job which entailed building a closet and finishing the interior with organizing components. [shelves, drawers, shoe shelves, hanging rods, etc]

Dan happens to be an architect, his company is called db2ARCHitecture in Boston, MA. When we get together we always end up talking about designs and projects.

While talking about this project we were discussing how so many people are visual learners as well as visual buyers. People are much more comfortable making a purchase decision when they can “see” a picture or drawing.

Plus having something visual ensures that the client and contractor are talking “apples to apples” and that the clients minds eye is built to their needs.

Later, I asked Dan if he would draw me a ‘quick” sketch to show the client. This is what he emailed me today. I will post his excellent interior sketch in another post this week.

Click on sketches to enlarge.

The photo below shows the closet door pushed to the far left wall corner. I’m leaning toward this plan but with using the flat topped doors, which better match what is existing in the room.

This detail shows flushing the closet wall with the left side existing wall and then overlapping the closet trim. The original plan was to set back the new closet wall back 1″ from the older wall, left corner. See photo above.

This drawing shows a smaller sized door. One thing I do not want to occur is to get caught using too large a door and having to cut or clip the left and top door casing. This detail when I see it makes me cringe.

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