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Clarity Anti Fog Product

Safety first right?
Well….. not always.

There is nothing worse than performing a carpentry or Do-it-yourself project, and knowing that the function your performing warrants wearing safety glasses but choosing not to wear them because the glasses always fog up and blur your vision.

To make matters worse, this fogging situation is exasperated with the addition of a dust mask. When your making a cut in something you need your vision to be clear and unobstructed to perform the cut well, fogged glasses cause you to squint, blur your vision and increase your chance of making a mistake.

I’ve been to the emergency room twice for minuscule objects stuck in my eye a direct result of not wearing safety glasses.

Recently I saw a new product in one of the trade magazines called Clarity® Defog It. I contacted Nanofilm Products

and asked for a sample of Clarity® Defog It , they sent me a few packets to try out.
The Defog It packet holds a dry reusable cloth. The cloths are infused with anti-fog treatment that wipes on a dry, invisible, long-lasting coating. One application lasts for hours, up to all day. The package claims that the wipes are also reusable up to eight applications with each wipe.

Nanofilm’s proprietary formulation creates a uniform moisture-absorbing layer on the surface that helps disperse the micro droplets of fog across the lens surface so visible fog doesn’t form.

According to Clarity, In lab tests, treated lenses never fogged, even after being moved between hot and cold environments 100 times. Safe and effective on regular and anti-reflective (AR) coated lenses, goggles, dive masks, face shields, eyeglasses and sunglasses. Also effective on safety glasses, scopes, binoculars, camera lenses.

I was skeptical at first. Both my friend George and I tried them out today in my workshop. George wiped his prescription safety glasses and immediately noticed that some of the prior smaller scratches were gone. Maybe filled in? I’m not sure.

I wiped my safety glasses with the defog it wipe and then donned a dust mask and proceeded to cut two boxes of Western Red Cedar shingles it 4″ strips for an upcoming job on Nashauwtuc Road in Concord, MA.

The Defog It result were immediately noticeable. Normally I would have had to remove my glasses several times to wipe them dry or worse yet toss them aside in complete frustration. [see below results – a clear fogless pair of safety glasses]

George was wearing a mask as well and had the same results.

The Defog It wipe does not have a greasy film, whatever is on it goes on invisible.
I was impressed to say the least. I’m going to try the wipes on my camera lens next.

If you wear glasses or goggles you no longer have to constantly wipe them clean, and you don’t have to deal with squinting through foggy lenses. I recommend trying this product if you are experiencing a similar problem.

Clarity® Defog It is available in optical, sporting good and mass merchandise outlets as well as on-line retailers. A three pack sells for $ 7.49. Buy Defog It here.

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