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3rd Hand .357

Jack Tracy, a General Contractor and Builder with over 25 years experience, recently sent me The Original 3rd Hand .357™ to evaluate. Jack designed this innovative safety device and I was excited to see if it really worked.

3rd Hand .357saw safety-guard

The 3rd Hand .357™ employs a thumb lever that allows the operator to raise and lower the saw’s safety-guard with the same hand that is holding the saws handle / trigger.

The saw blade safety guard has a spring that is designed to open as the user is cutting and to immediately close after the cut.

Often times framers, contractors and carpenters using a circular saw will pin, or shim the guard open with a pencil of small piece of wood in order to make a plunge cut or rip a small section of wood. the problem is that the saw guide stays open until we remove the pin.

This scenario can be dangerous if the contractor slips and falls or forgets that the saw guide is pinned open and puts the saw down with the blade still spinning.

Even though we all do it that does not excuse the fact that it is extremely dangerous to pin open the saw’s protective guard.

The Original 3rd Hand .357™ allows the user to keep both hands on the saw while raising the the lower guard with a thumb lever of the trigger finger hand which increases circular saw safety.

Framing and construction in general can really put a lot of wear and tear on tools. The Original 3rd Hand .357™ feels extremely durable and is light weight [ less than 6oz.] constructed out of durable plastic and aluminum, and best yet, “made in USA!”

The 3rd Hand .357™ safety guide I noticed that the plastic attachment on the saw guide has a curved edge on it. This attachment also nicely accommodated me as an additional holder if I chose to change grips on the saw and hold the blade guard open with my thumb or other finger.

First Impression:

The kit is only two pieces and uses the saws existing screw for attachment. I found it extremely easy to attach.

The parts are durable and beefy.

The guide attached to my saw in less than 5 minutes with the original manufacturer’s screws and two allen wrenches – one was provided and I supplied the other.

I removed these two screws and attached the thumb lever at this location with the same screws.

The saw blade guard lever us removed and the screw is used to attach the black 3rd Hand .357 attachment.


I found the thumb lever easy and smooth to operate while still holding onto the handle and trigger.

Close up of thumb lever.

The 3rd Hard .357 comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. It fits the following worm drive circular saws: Skil 77, Skil Mag 77, Craftsman model 2761, and the Bosch 1677.

Plunge cuts on with the 3rd Hand .357™ were easy. It is definitely a step in the right direction for increasing circular saw safety.

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Click here to buy your own 3rd Hand .357™ circular saw safety guide.

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