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Choosing A Storm Door Style

Photo: Larson Full View Door

Storm doors

The front entryway of most homes is usually the most ornate and formal.

Many people avoid putting storm doors on their front doors for fear that the storm door will negatively affect the homes appearance.

Choosing a storm door style is easy top do.  I recently installed a Larson storm door for a client. I have installed many Larson storms before and like them because they offer the widest range of styles and colors and allows you to match a door to the look and feel of your home.

Being able to choose your own color allows you to choose a door that “disappears.” See black storm door below.

In the upper right corner of the glass is a sticker from the manufacturer stating that the door can improve energy efficiency by 45% .

By adding this storm door to compliment a wood entry door you qualify for a 30% tax credit off the cost of the door.

The door I chose above is a Larson full view storm door. This door offers style and sophistication.

The full glass feature allows maximum light into the home and enhances any entrance. This model includes an interchangeable screen that allows you to switch between full glass or full screen.

The door has a deadbolt with keys.

The door has a 1-5/8″ thick aluminum frame with maintenance-free finish interior and exterior handle with 3 point locking system for enhanced protection. The handles come in several finishes.

Below is the handle and deadbolt set in antique brass finish.

The storm door instructions are clear and easy to read. These doors usually take 4 weeks to receive once ordered.

The bottom line is that these storm doors are quality!

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