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Choosing A Gas Or Electric Stove

Gas or electric stoveAnd Now For The Hard Question…Gas or Electric?

Normally when choosing a stove, the answer to whether you want to use natural gas or electricity as a fuel source would depend entirely on how you prefer to cook. But unless you know the facts, how can you know what is best for you? Choosing a gas or electric stove is not always straightforward.

Natural Gas Stove

Let’s start with the idea of using a natural gas stove. Gas burners provide instant heat. Chefs around the world use gas burners for the perk of controlling the temperature by reducing the flame.  This is perfect when making delicate sauces that need to simmer at just the right temperature. However, most gas stoves need a separate gas hookup in order to work. This may add additional unwanted costs when purchasing your stove.

Electric Stove

It’s electric! These types of stoves are a popular consumer choice with their smooth tops and shiny eye-catching design that is easy to clean after cooking.  According to professional tests, electric ranges cook more evenly than gas ranges. This comes in handy for those who like predictability and consistency when cooking a meal. For the budding Top Chefs out there though, take note that it is hard to determine just how much heat is emitted at the setting the electric stove top is at.  Another feature to be away of is if you’re in a hurry, electric stoves take longer to reach the desired cooking temperature than naturall gas stoves.

What Works Best?

So when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, go with what best works for you. Thankfully there is no reason to sacrifice what you truly want because there are plenty of options out there to satisfy every style and taste.

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