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Choosing A Fire Bowl

Choosing A Fire Bowl Over A Fire Pit

Outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming popular for cooking, entertaining, and relaxation.  More and more of my clients are looking to the outdoors to expand their homes and bring the same comforts they have inside to outdoor spaces, by creating multipurpose outdoor living spaces.

A gas fire bowl is one of those items that instantly creates a focal point and family gathering spot. It is an option we always suggest to our clients as a safer alternative to a fire pit.  Simply set up a fire bowl, pull up a chair, and you’ve created an outdoor living space. All done without a costly masonry remodel.

Fire bowls bring a special aura to an outdoor living design. When we talk about the design of patios, gardens, and courtyards, an outdoor fire bowl is an essential element. Who doesn’t enjoy that flickering glow of a fire—adding atmosphere, warmth and adds an inviting allure to outdoor spaces.


There are so many sizes, styles, and shapes of fire bowls to choose from. Another consideration is the material: fire bowls can be made of metal, stone, concrete, brick, copper, even glass. There are also smaller designs that can be portable or even fit on a tabletop.

Fuel-Gas Is Safer

When deciding on an outdoor fire bowl, you’ll need to determine which fuel you’d prefer to burn. This not only will come down to personal preference but will also depend on the location of your fire bowl.

If you’re going to be using a fire bowl near a house—such as on a patio or in a courtyard—choosing a gas or propane fire bowl makes sense.  Gas fire bowls are incredibly safe to use as they do not produce sparks or hot embers. This makes them an ideal choice for those who live in dry areas.

The absence of these sparks and embers allows you to gather around your fire bowl without worrying about the possibility of forest fires or even fires in your own backyard and near your home. For this reason, gas fire bowls are often able to be used in communities within city limits that may not allow the use of wood-burning fire pits. Obviously, you also don’t have the risk of a spark flying out of the bowl and hitting you or your kids or guests!


Ensure your fire bowl is located away from flammable materials including buildings, trees, foliage, and structures such as a pergola, shed, garage, or house. Our local fire department suggests that fire bowls and fire pits should be placed a minimum of 10 feet away from any wooden structure or building.

Tops and Covers

It’s important to keep the elements out of your fire bowl. Many fire bowl companies offer metal or hardwood tops that cover the fire bowl to quickly convert it into a table when not in use

You may also want to consider a vinyl cover. This is the easiest and most effective method to protecting your fire pit from water. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, but all provide the same functionality

Cost – Return on Your Investment

I always say you get what you pay for, that’s why I recommend Eldorado Stone fire bowls to my clients when remodeling and re-designing patios and outdoor living spaces

Eldorado Stone fire bowls are hand-crafted through an extensive four-step finishing process, which results in subtle, one-of-a-kind variations in color and texture similar to natural limestone. These bowls have a built-in shelf that holds a 65,000 BTU gas/propane burner that features brass burners and stainless steel, a lower shelf, to resist rust and ensure longevity.

Eldorado fire Bowls are available in four colors, each designed to represent a type of natural limestone. You can specify the texture you prefer – honed, for a smooth surface, or Travertine, for a more textured surface. Both include color and texture variations, providing the authentic character and attributes of natural stone.


They offer custom hardwood tops that will quickly convert your fire bowl into an elegant table. A fire bowl from Eldorado stone will cost you approximately $2500.

There are less expensive options out there, but in this case, Eldorado gives us lots of high-quality options. Our clients like creative designs, and don’t Eldorado doesn’t break the budget when compared to built-in masonry structures. It is also a ton less work than a wood field fire pit or bowl.


When we talk about landscape design, a fire bowl is an essential element to an outdoor living design. I know that we are now sold with the Eldorado Stone fire bowls and are constantly recommending them to our clients when remodeling or redesigning their outdoor living spaces.

Click this link to read more about the Eldorado Stone Infinite Fire Bowl.

Choosing A Firebowl – Video Tips


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