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Will It Flush? Check Your Toilet Performance Before You Buy With New Web App from American Standard

Interactive Smartphone App Lets Users Choose Golf Balls, Kid’s Clay, Cat Litter, Chicken Nuggets, Hotdogs or Bananas to See: “Will it Flush?”

PISCATAWAY, NJ (January 18, 2011) –Testing a toilet’s flushing power has never been easier – or more entertaining – thanks to a free Toilet Challenge App now available from American Standard. Users select such fiendish flushing adversaries as golf balls, kid’s clay, cat litter, chicken nuggets, hotdogs and even bananas.

The Toilet Challenge App, now available for download here at iTunes, American Standard Toilet Challenge App, serves up a video demonstrating how American Standard® toilets fair against a variety of unusual materials. This app will work on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The Toilet Challenge is entertaining for sure, but it isn’t all just fun and games. The results of the flushing challenges are derived from actual product tests, so users who are shopping for a toilet upgrade can simulate tests and be confident that the American Standard toilet they select will deliver years of high performance without the need for a plunger. It is recommended that these flushing tests NOT be performed at home.

After a toilet has proven itself in battle, users can also use the app to access product specifications and find local retailers, making smart shopping a breeze. American Standard offers a complete line of top-rated flushing platforms that are capable of discarding more than 2.2 pounds of solids, without double flushing or clogging. The company’s toilets feature superior flushing performance, fully glazed trapways and the industry’s largest flush valves designed to drive more water through the bowl for greater flushing power. Models such as the FloWise® 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) High Efficiency Toilets (HET) meet strict water efficiency criteria, earning them WaterSense®-certification.

The American Standard Toilet Challenge app features:

Also more information on the Toilet Challenge App or other American Standard products, visit or call (800) 899-2614.

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