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ChannelLock Torpedo Levels

Channellock Inc.,  known by contractors mostly for its pliers and hand tools, is introducing three new professional grade levels.  They recently released three new ChannelLock Torpedo Levels.

The Channellock levels:

  1. 8.25” 620L Professional Laser Level,
  2. 8.25” 620 Professional Level,
  3.  8.5” 615 Professional Torpedo Level.

What is a torpedo level?

Torpedo levels are utilized by carpenters, plumbers, HVAC  and many other trades people to level, plumb, or install an object at a forty-five degree angle.

The torpedo level is handy to DIYers for everything from hanging a picture to setting shelving.  A torpedo level utilizes the traditional glass vial or bubble to determine the level, plum or forty-five degrees.


The body of a torpedo level is usually rectangular in shape.

Channellock® levels:

Channellock® recently send me their three new levels to evaluate.

Like anything  Channellock makes these levels are contractor grade quality.  These levels feel well built and have a sturdy housing.  I found the magnets to be super strong and work well.

Each level features:

The 8.25” 620L’s leveling laser that lasts up to 10,000 hours and is accurate up to ¼ of an inch at 100 feet.   I see no use for the laser on the torpedo level in my field of work.  Plumbers, electricians and HVAC installers may find it useful.   My brother, a master plumber, has expressed interest in this level.  He installs alot of gas pipe and thinks the magnets and laser could be helpful.  I’ll report back later when he had it long enough to give feedback on it.

I can see electricians using these levels to level and plumb electrical service panel boxes.

The 8.25” 620 Professional Level is as nice and well built as the others but only one side of the level has a straight edge.  When working I like the fact that I can quickly grab my torpedo level and no matter which side I use it will work.  This level has only one working side.  Time is money for me and I’d pass on this level in favor of the torpedo level.

I liked the 8.25” 620 torpedo level so much that it replaced another brand of tool in my tool-belt.  I use torpedo levels to assist in window, siding, trim, mantle and bookcase installations.  I refer to a torpedo level so much that I keep one in my tool-bag at all times.

The only criticism I have on the torpedo level is that one side is slightly round over then the other.  I often use a torpedo level to install short sections of siding and us it to draw level lines.  I would prefer more straight edge.

All three levels were accurate when compared to other high quality levels I own.  All three levels also come with a lanyard which I personally think is useless unless you hang your level on a wall.  My opinion… if it’s hanging on the wall it’s not working . . .  I cut mine off.

There is no doubt that Channellock put some thought into these levels.  They are made with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as their pliers and other hand-tools.

 How Much:

While I find these levels a bit pricey I can attest that with reasonable care they will last decades, paying for themselves in the process!


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