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CHANNELLOCK®Tool Roll #4 Set – Review:

Whether your a Professional contractor, serious DIYer or just a homeowner that demands top quality tools, you’ll want to take a close look at CHANNELLOCK® #4 tool roll set.  CHANNELLOCK®  recently sent me their tool roll to evaluate and review.

The Channellock Tool Roll Includes:

First Impression:

The tool roll comes in a storage pouch.  I’m a huge fan of CHANNELLOCK® and their manufacturing process.  They use high-carbon C1080 steel for strength and also coat their tools with an electronic process that helps prevent rust.

The #4 tool roll tools all have very comfortable blue grips that  ensures a solid grasp of the tool.  [note – the handle coating is not recommended for dielectric properties]

Using The CHANNELLOCK Tools:

I have been using these tools for everything I do from minor plumbing to machine assembly and snow plow repairs.  These tools feel great in my hand and are super strong.  the tongue and groove plies have super strong teeth that do not strip like other cheap pliers.

The multi-use screw driver has found a permanent home in my tool belt pouch, I especially liked the shape of the handle with nicely placed finger indents .  This screwdriver has a PH1 and PH2 Phillips head and a 3/16 and 1/4″ flat head tip.  the tube that holds these bits can also be used as a 1/4″ nut driver.

Overall Impression:

Some tool companies accommodate all levels of tool users from junk to quality but that is not the case with CHANNELLOCK® .  CHANNELLOCK®  only makes high quality, well built tools in   Meadville, PA, USA.   I highly recommended this tool set if your looking for a starter set of pliers tools and a screwdriver.  The set sells for approx. $75.00.

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