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Caring For Your Tape Measure

Tape Measure Care and Maintenance

We recently performed Head-Head testing on 8 different brand tape measures. After the testing it was apparent to me that these devices need proper care, in order to provide you with accurate, reliable measurements. Caring for your tape measure is easy, here are a few steps for properly maintaining your tape measure.


It is never a smart idea to let the tape measure blade whip back into the case. During our testing we tested recoil from 25-feet. A few of these tapes hooks tore completely off the tape, others had their blade twisted.

Your tape measure isn’t designed to withstand a short, sharp shock over and over.

Full speed rewinding can cause also damage to the inner workings, the end hook and the blade markings. It’s also dangerous: you can injure your fingers, eyes and the people around you.

Control the speed of the blade return, and you’ll get longer life out of your tape measure.


Keep your tape dry. Water that gets on the blade of a tape measure can work its way into the mechanism and cause rust. Wipe down the tape as its rewinding, if wet.


Carry out these regular checks to make sure your tape measure remains accurate:

Caring for your tape measure is easy when you follow these three simple steps can ensure that your tape measure stays functioning and accurate for a long time.

Caring For Your Tape Measure – Video Tips

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