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Can A Butler Door Be Installed On Tile?

Can A Butler Door Be Installed On Tile?

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I have a regular door between my kitchen and dining room and would like to install a butler door there. Your information on how to do this was by far the best and easiest to understand. My problem is that I have tiled floor. Is there a way to attach the bottom hinge to the tile or could I possibly attach it directly to the door frame?


Thanks for the question K.

The obvious problem is that the tile can be damaged when removing the old door trim or when attaching the butler hinge. See post for an example of this hinge.

Do you have extra tiles?

If yes, remove the tile in the area of the new hinge, remove the door jamb and replace with a flat jamb, then install the hinge on the sub-floor and replace the tile.

If you do not have tile. You can install the hinge over the tile but you will still have to deal with the door stops on the door jamb.

Installing the hinge on the tile requires you to be extremely careful. Drill “over sized” screw holes in the tile wider than the screws diameter. The screws should neither touch the tile nor
be tightened to the point of cracking the tile.

If the door frame has stops applied to it you need to take them off. On some doors the stops are applied, others they are part of the jamb.

If they are part of the jamb you may have to cut them out or remove the door jamb and re trim with flat jamb casing.

Removing the door trim may leave a space where the tile was cut around the jamb / door stops. This area is not very visible and can be filled with grout.

I hope I answered your questions.

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