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C.H. Hanson’s Automatic Adjustable Locking Pliers

Automatic Adjusting Vice Grips Review

C.H. Hanson introduces its Automatic™ line of adjustable locking pliers and clamps, which are easier to use than traditional locking pliers on the market!

C.H. Hanson recently re-Engineered their locking plier line for speed and power . They claim that their Automatic pliers are seven times faster, two times stronger and 100 percent easier to use than traditional locking pliers on the market. Plus, the tools lock onto any size item without adjusting. I had to find out if this calim were true – Recently C.H. Hanson sent me one of their Automatic Pliers to review and evaluate.

First Impression:

At first glance the automatic locking pliers looks like  a beefy set of “vise grip” pliers.

What I noticed immediatetly was the old adjustment know at the end of the vise grips was gone and a real nice, ergonomically designed grip release lever replaced the old design.  If your familiar with vise grips you had to push against the lever to release the grip.  The problem with this movement was that it went against your natural grip and necessitated you to release the tool and then re-group the toll again.

The automatic locking pliers has an easy to use  release grip that can be utilized without releasing your grip on the tool. this small design change is a game changer in productivity and speed.  Well done C.H. Hanson!

Using The Automatic Locking Pliers:

I was super impressed with how fast the automatic locking pliers were to apply, remove and quickly reapply too a different size bolt.  The Automatic locking pliers quickly locks onto to thin metal like an electrical junction box cover and then without adjusting can be released and lock onto a a 3/4″ bolt.   No adjustments needed!

This tool is not a gimmick.  It’s a real deal, well made auto adjusting locking plier.  I walked around my shop clamping the Automatic locking plier to everything and anything I could think of – it works well!!!  It’s easier, faster and better than the traditional vise grips of the past.

C.H. Hanson says the Automatics are seven times faster than traditional locking pliers and I believe them.  The secret in the Automatics speed is based on the tools ability to automatically lock on any size without having to adjust the tool via a knob. Using the release lever, the tools can move quickly from one object and lock onto the next bolt.

The Automatic locking pliers have a Set & Forget feature so a user can set the desired clamp pressure from slight to extreme and the jaws of the tool automatically adjust to any size with equal grip pressure.

Check out this video:   C.H. Hanson Automatic Locking Pliers

Automatics Line Features:

Overall Impression:

I was so impressed with the Automatic locking plier that I am going to buy a few sets for my contractor friends.   I’ve always owned traditional locking pliers but never reached for them unless I had a a stubborn bolt.  Their clumsy and not fun to use.  The automatic plier line has completely changed my mind and this tool will be one I reach for way more often.

C.H. Hanson Automatics are available through industrial distributors, automotive jobbers, welding distributors, as well as hardware retailers and catalogs across the country. For more information on the Automatic line of locking pliers, groove pliers and clamps, as well as the full line of C.H. Hanson products, visit

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