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Business Sign Tips

Business Sign Tips

3 Tips on Good Job Site Signage

Job Site Signs are used by contractor’s to both identify a job site and to advertise the contractors services to others.   This article will give you three business sign tips.

Job site signs also help subcontractors and delivery people find the job site address through the visual aid of job site signage.

The most popular reason for a job sign is the belief that people who need similar work done may observe the work being performed, see the job site sign and then contact that contractor to bid on the potential work.

Here’s a few tips on good signage:

1. Your business sign should communicate something.  What message do you want to get your across?  Think quality, Professional and Integrity.

2. Your business sign should be large enough to read.  Consider the speed of local traffic and the placement of your sign.  24-inch by 36-inch should be a minimum size.

3. Your business sign should be “short and sweet.”  It’s not a story, its a sign.

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