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Built-In Desks and Spaces

Built-In Desks, Niches and Spaces

Built-ins transform dead space in your house into functional spaces and help you get organized by adding new storage options without adding onto your home.

Well designed built-ins should tie in with other architectural elements in your house, such as crown molding, trim and wainscoting.

Homework Alcove

This homework station in a boy’s bedroom was designed by architect Jay Haverson to fit inside an alcove between a clothes closet and a bathroom. In new construction like this, framing out the area is simple. To retrofit an existing bedroom for a built-in desk, you could colonize a closet or steal space from an adjoining room for a bump out.



Closet Desk – On A Budget:

Every closet / desk design can be customized to meet an individuals wants and  needs.   Built ins installed in a closet space can keep the doors or you can remove them depending on whether you want to hide the desk.

This particular desk was not finished at the time of the photo.  We added a full extension drawer.   The desk had a 4 gang outlet box, internet and an overhead fluorescent light.

I recently made a custom window seat for this window alcove.  [photo below] The customer originally had a stand alone bench in this spot but wanted something more permanent and with storage.  We decided on a window seat with a hinged lid.

The two recessed panels match the panels in the two adjacent doors.  The customer finished off this look with a customizes cushion and matching curtains.

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