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Build America Tool Safety Training

IMG_0509Build America Tool Safety Training and Building Instruction

This year, The Ability Experience’s Build America Team kicked off in Concord, Massachusetts for the second consecutive year. With this was the opportunity to be trained by Rob Robillard and Todd Fratzel of A Concord Carpenter and Tool Box Buzz, respectively.

What is Build America?

Build America is a six week team event traveling the country promoting accessible recreation for people with disabilities. From the construction of accessible amenities at camps to wilderness adventures with athletes with disabilities, the Build America team is dedicated to improving true human ability.

Comments a Returning Student

This was also the second time that UMass student, Nick Julian of Bedford, participated in Build America serving as the team’s Logistics Coordinator. “I make sure that the team gets to where they need to be on time, and that the sponsors of the 2015 team know how much we value their incredible support as we travel across the country visiting summer camps that serve people with disabilities”, said Nick.

Nick is a returning team member, having participated in 2014. He commented, “getting to see the team learning from these awesome, seasoned professionals reminded me how much I valued what was being taught to me a year ago.” Nick also mentioned that he saw a difference comparing last year’s tool training to this year’s, “what was really cool to see was that the team was building smaller-scaled structures of what they would be making when they were at camp. Having the opportunity to build a project before you even get to camp is truly a special opportunity. ” He added, “the ACC team is truly the best at what they do, but even more, and perhaps more importantly, they are willing to share their safe practices, in order to keep our team safe. For that we are truly thankful and honored to have A Concord Carpenter, Tool Box Buzz, Concord Lumber, and Milwaukee Tools as sponsors for this year’s team.”

Special Thanks

This year’s team will be traveling from Boston, through to the Midwest, going as far north as Wisconsin, and as far west as Missouri, before looping back to arrive in Washington, DC on August 8th.

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