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Brunt Workwear Review

Here at Concord Carpenter, workwear is a popular category. In order to find the best workwear to fit your unique demands, we are continually interacting with workwear manufacturers. Recently, we collaborated with Brunt Workwear to review a job site hoody and work pants that you’ll love.

Eric Girouard established the Massachusetts-based company known as Brunt. With its new line of work boots and clothing, Brunt is completely redefining the workwear marketplace. Eric is setting up a business that produces excellent clothing and comfortable, reliable, and good-looking work boots.

The Shelvin Hoody

Brunt’s version of the traditional hoodie for workwear is the Shevlin. The Shevlin is made of a cozy, soft fleece knit and adds heat with its oversized pocket, secret phone pocket, snap neck closure, hard-hat compatible hood, and ribbed knit cuffs at the sleeve and body opening.


  • 10 oz. High-quality material blend built to last (60% Cotton 40% Polyester) Light Grey Heather Blend ( 78% Cotton, 22% Polyester)
  • Hard Hat Compatible Hood
  • Oversized Belly Pocket
  • Hidden Tech Pocket

Performance + Durability

The Shelvin is almost too nice to use on the job but we did! We really like the large belly pocket that has catch corners which keep your items secure in your pocket. I like to put small parts or fasteners inside the pocket and it is always inevitable that the contents fall out. This eliminates this issue altogether.

The Shelvin also contains a secret tech pocket for your phone that is concealed inside the belly pocket.  As soon as you put your hands inside your pocket, you can quickly access your phone thanks to the mesh pocket’s canted position. The ups and downs of renovating will undoubtedly give your phone the opportunity to fall out, so this is a pretty handy feature. The hoody’s extra-long length keeps you covered while you lean or reach. Nobody wants to see the plumber’s crack!

Oh, Snap!

Thinking outside the box, Brunt replaces the drawstring with 2 snaps on the neck of the sweatshirt. This takes away the dangerous hazard the strings could produce.

The snaps are also great because they open up the hoody really wide allowing a hard hat inside. This is a really well-thought-out design idea.

Martin Pants

What is the right equation when it comes to a pair of work pants? Some pants offer great flexibility, some offer durability. Well, Brunt offers Durability + Flexibility + Practicality.  These comfortable pants are designed for long days of labor thanks to their clever pocketing system, inherent water resistance, abrasion-resistant fabric, and a concealed double layer from the thigh to the shin.


  • Designed with flexible, 2-way stretch materials
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • DWR (Durable Water Repellent) Finish
  • Reinforced High-Wear Areas

Performance + Durability

  • A durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish enables water to simply roll off the fabric.
  • Reinforced kick plates on back heels for added durability

Martin Pockets

The Martin pants have a cargo-style design but don’t have bulky or ugly cargo pockets. Instead of being loose on the outside, these pockets are tucked inside the pants. Two thigh pockets: one self-closing (right leg), one zippered (left leg), and reinforced front pockets for a knife or tape measure. I do, however, wish the cargo pocket section had separators. Tools, pencils, and knives would be able to stand upright rather than fall to the side as a result. When bending over, if something is poking into your leg, it can be painful.


  • Gusseted crotch for comfort and ease of movement when bending or climbing
  • Moisture-wicking waistband for improved breathability
  • Slanted back pockets for easy access
  • Designed with a high-quality material blend to optimize comfort, durability, and flexibility (70% cotton/28% nylon/2% spandex)

Brunt Workwear Overall Thoughts

The biggest issue with workwear, the unneeded retail markups that steal money out of your wallet, has been resolved by Brunt. By selling straight to you online, they have avoided the markups associated with traditional sales. With their sponsorship of Mason Massey in the Nascar Truck Series, Brunt is emerging as a market leader in the workwear sector.

The Shevlin Work Hoody can be purchased for $59.00 here: Shevlin Work Hoody

The Martin Work Pants can be purchased for $79.00 here: Martin Work Pants

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