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BROAN and NuTone ULTRA Quiet Fans

BROAN and NuTone ULTRA Quiet Fans Allow Super Fast Installation

BROAN® and NuTone® ULTRA™ Series Ventilation Fans and Fan/Lights that feature the fastest, easiest, most universal installation, saving contractors time and increasing their overall profitability.

Operating at less than 0.3 Sones, no fan is quieter than the ULTRA fans which are available in both single- and multi-speed models.

The biggest benefits of the BROAN and NuTone ultra quiet fan includes the following:

ULTRA Quick™ Installation Technology:

This fan can installed in a matter of minutes in most retrofit applications from the room-side.  ULTRA has a telescoping mounting frame, which can close to a small dimension in order fit through ceiling openings and then expand to fit against the framing.




ULTRA Smart™ Control Technology:

ULTRA maintains a 0.1” pressure CFM rating.

ULTRA Silent™ Sound Technology:

ULTRA operates at an HVI certified, best-achievable less than 0.3 Sones:

ULTRA is also offered with a radiation damper for multi-story applications and can be serviced without disturbing the surrounding drywall.

ULTRA saves the contractor up to 60 percent faster install times for retrofits applications and 20 percent faster new construction installations.  PLUS – no more crawling around in an attic to install the fan!

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