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NuTone ULTRA Humidity And Motion-Sensing Bath Fans

New Broan and NuTone ULTRA Ventilation Fans Feature ULTRA Sense Humidity- or Motion-sensing Ventilation Fans

Broan-NuTone® has expanded its line of BROAN® and NuTone® ULTRA™ Fans and Fan/Lights with the addition of 16 models with ULTRA Sense™.

As a remodeler I like using the ULTRA Fan line.  the Ultra fans have built in lights and are equipped with humidity and motion sensing features.

These fans come with single and multi-speed models and the motion sensing features are available in the multi-speed models only. The ULTRA Fans operate at less than 0.3 Sones which is the lowest sound rating I am aware of.   A huge plus from the jet engine sounding fans we grew up with!

Major benefits of the new ULTRA Fans and Fan/Lights include the following:

ULTRA Sense™ H Humidity Sensing Technology: ULTRA Sense H (Fan/Light, pictured below, left) detects a rapid rise in humidity to turn single-speed fans ON and multi-speed fans from LOW to HIGH. This means that they will react to shower humidity much faster than other competitive fans and wall controls that wait for a relative humidity set point to be reached. Users can enjoy a humidity free, comfortable environment much more quickly when taking a bath or shower.

After a user-adjustable time delay, ULTRA Sense turns the fan OFF for single-speed fans and reduces the speed to the LOW continuous setting for multi-speed fans. ULTRA Sense offers an easily accessible humidity sensitivity adjustment to ensure a healthy, comfortable environment based on the user’s climate.

The Motion Sensing Technology has a sensor that turns the fan to HIGH when someone walks into the room and reduces fan speed to LOW after a user-adjustable time delay.  This is extremely useful with kids and showers.   Kids are notorious for either not using the fan when showering or for leaving the bathroom fan on all day long.  These fans reduce excessive moisture that can cause mold and mildew and save energy!!!

These fans now come with a quick installation set up and install 60 percent faster in retrofits and up to 20 percent faster in new construction.   Time is money and time saved is money earned!

The new Broan and NuTone ULTRA Ventilation Fans and Fan/Lights with ULTRA Sense technology will be available in October 2012. For more information, visit and


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