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Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer

Bostitch® has released the world’s first cordless 28° wire-weld framing nailer kit – model GF28WW.

The Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer also touts the ability to drive wire-weld clipped head nails without any conversion required.

Its lightweight design (only 7.7 pounds), combined with an over-molded grip, works with the user to offer maximum comfort and minimize fatigue during overhead applications or prolonged use.

The new Bostitch® gas-powered framing nailer uses a 7.2 volt Ni-Cd battery to create the combustion that drives a full range of framing nails between 2” to 3-1/2” in length (.113 to .131 in diameter).

Its one-hour battery charger helps to reduce downtime by recharging the battery quickly and efficiently. The GF28WW cordless nailer uses a high-pressure gas to ensure a reliable operation in all types of weather. Its fuel cell, which is expected to drive approximately 1,200 nails per canister, provides a convertible valve module to offer compatibility with Paslode®, Senco®, and Hitachi® cordless framing nailers as well.

The model GF28WW features a depth of drive adjustment, which allows the user to set nails to desired depths with a few easy hex key adjustments (hex key is stored in the magazine). With a magazine capacity of 55 nails, the GF28WW’s low nail lockout prevents the tool from dry-firing, which alerts the user that it is time to reload fasteners. This prolongs tool life and helps to avoid unnecessary re-work when productivity counts.

The tool’s rubber skid pads, located on the housing, protect the high wear area of the tool from the perils of a jobsite. The new Bostitch® cordless framing nailer also provides a convenient rafter hook to allow the tool to hang from a rafter or joist. Additionally, the hook swivels over 180° and can store behind the handle while the tool is in use for added versatility.

Complete with a two year limited warranty, the Model GF28WW framing nailer kit includes the basic tool, one-hour charger, 7.2 volt battery, plastic carrying case, and owner’s manual.  The Bostitch® cordless framing kit is sells for approximately $330 and is available at home centers, construction supply stores, and online.

Source: Press Release

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