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Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer GF33PT

Bostitch 30° Paper Collated Cordless Framing Nailer  GF33PT

The new  Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer GF33PT is designed to handle 30° paper collated nails, from 2 to 3-1/2 inches, which are very common in my area.

What’s the Hype?

The best part is that this nailer will shoot clipped head and a full round head offset paper tape nails, the later being the MOST important for code compliance and the better fastener to use.

The Bostitch GF33PT, uses a gas combustion engine to deliver over 760 inch-pounds of impact energy according to Product Manager Rob Pare.   The Bostitch GF33PT will shoot an average of 1,200 nails per fuel canister.

I first got a glimpse at this nailer this year at the the Bostitch Media event in New York City.

The  Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer GF33PT weighs 8.3 pounds with battery, has an adjustable rafter hook that can deployed quickly and easily to hang from joists and rafters.

Weight And Balance:

This nailer has a real nice line of sight which follows down my forearm and over the top of the tool and is as well balanced as any cordless framing nailer.


The Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer GF33PT was able to drive 3-1/2″ nails into all types of framing lumber, 4×6 pressure treated materials and LVLV beams.   I found no issue driving fasteners at all.

Final Thoughts:

The only negative that I found with this new nailer is that the depth of drive requires an Allen wrench to adjust.   Bostitch does give you on-board allen wrench tool storage  and the adjustment is easy to do but I would really like to see an adjustment knob on future tools.

The low nail lock-out feature on the GF33PT prevents dry-fire which always frustrates me when it happens but I’m glad that its and option!

Bostitch still uses a Ni-Cd battery to power their nailer.  This 7.2 volt battery comes with a one-hour charger and I’d also like to see a second battery provided.

The Bostitch  framing nailer is expected to sell for approximately $253.00 online here:  Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer GF33PT

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