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Bosch Straight Shank Rebar Cutter

Bosch Straight Shank Rebar Cutter

Bosch Straight Shank Rebar Cutter for Hammer Drills

Bosch has added straight shank rebar cutters to its line-up for use with hammer drills and rotary drills. this new brill bit through rebar up to 36 percent faster and lasts up to twice as long as other rebar cutters.

Designed to work in rotation mode, Bosch’s rebar cutter has a unique flute geometry that employs a steep spiral design that quickly removes debris. A relief hole is incorporated into the cutting surface to dissipate heat and facilitate slug removal.

The body design and shank are tapered to reduce weight for smoother drilling and to reduce the amount of vibration that often leads to fatigue.

Bosch manufactures its own carbide to exacting specifications and the result is higher quality carbide that delivers longer drilling life.

Users simply drill with a carbide bit until making contact with rebar. They then use the rebar cutter to cut through the rebar until contacting concrete. Once rebar is cut, just switch back to the carbide bit to complete the hole.

Bits come in 12” lengths with drilling diameter from 3/8” to 1-1/2”. The line also includes 18” lengths for ½”, 5/8” and ¾” diameters, as well as 6” and 12” extensions.

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