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Bosch OSC212FH Hammerhead Plunge Blade

Bosch 2-1/2-inch BIM Hammerhead Plunge Blade

I’ve recently been using the Bosch OSC212FH Hammerhead Plunge Blade on my remodeling jobs.  As a remodeling contractor and finish carpenter I feel my  life developed new meaning when the world of power tools started producing  more and more versions of oscillating blades.

Nowadays you can find an oscillating blade for all types of material from wood, sheet metal, tile, stone, fiberglass or nail-embedded wood.

The Bosch OSC212FH Hammerhead Plunge Blade utilizes the Bosch’s Oscillating Interface System, or OIS and has a 12-pin design to fit many competitor brands like Skil, Fein 636, Rigid and Milwaukee.  This allows me to buy ne blade and be able to use it on my Fein as well as Bosch Multi-X.

 This particular Bosch multi-tool blade is exceptionally fast when cutting nail embedded wood.   It plunged into a 2×4 and cut thru two 16 d galanized finish nails like butter.  I was super impressed when testing this blade in the shop and then very pleased when it continued to perform out in the field. [photo right]

When used properly the Bosch OSC212FH Hammerhead Plunge Blade lasted for a long time and was used for 10 separate cutting applications before I trashed it on a 100 year old 20 penny spike – opps didn’t see that coming!

The Bosch OSC212FH Hammerhead Plunge Blade has quickly become a go to blade for us at the job site.  Its amazing at cutting out rotted trim and crown on exterior rehads as well as interior trim and flooring.

Making Your Bosch Oscillating Blades Last:

Replacement blades for oscillating tools cost a ton of money and I hate to shell out the cash but also hate to open my multi-tool case and find dull blades.

Multi-tools vibrate and have a micro stroke which by design do not remove waste from the blade kerf. If you rock the tool back and forth, pull the blade out of the kerf or cut along a longer line while appling  tool pressure the cut waste will find a way out of the kerf.    Keeping the kerf clean means a blade cooler and lessens the chance of the blade overheating

Many folks I see using a multi-tool push too hard on the tool and cause massive heat build up, even smoke, which dulls the blade in one cut!!

TIP – soap, wax or bees wax helps lubricate the blade and reduces friction which causes that nasty blade dulling heat.

The Bosch OSC212FH Hammerhead Plunge Blade sells online for $15.99 here: Bosch-OSC212FH-2-inch-Hammerhead-Plunge

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