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Bosch L-BOXX 3D

Bosch L-BOXX 3D Customizable Storage Compartment

As a professional re-modeler/finish carpenter I find the best use of my tools, fasteners, and glues begins with efficient storage.

I find that I am constantly using over a dozen different types and sizes of fasteners ranging from nails to screws, washer, and other parts.   Every fastener has multiple boxes and storage and organization can get confusing.

The Bosch L-BOXX 3D Click & Go storage system has assisted in all of these areas and has significantly reduced the time I spend looking for stuff  and has made my job more efficient and more organized.

Customizable Storage:

The Bosch L-BOXX 3D storage compartment measures 17.5 x 14 x 12 inch, weighs 9.7  pounds.  It is completely customizable, it leaves anyone with the ability to use it for whatever purpose they may want or need.

The unit offers two places for the different types of pull out drawers and one top storage space.

The top opening compartment can be used purely as it comes, with the open cavity to store any type of product, or you can purchase one of two inserts.

There is the standard Foam-201 which can be custom cut to fit what you wish to store or the Exact-Fit Insert Tray which allows exact storage of a specified Bosch drill, battery, charger and drill bits, etc. 

I chose to delegate the top compartment of my Bosch L-BOXX 3D to fasteners, glues, and other various products for adhesion and securing. 

There are five options for individual customization of the L-BOXX-3D and three different drawer options.

Bosch offers three drawer options:

The biggest difference between the i-BOXX53 and i-BOXX72 is not only the organizer piece set but the  i-BOXX53 is a thin drawer while the  i-BOXX72 has a thicker drawer.  Both sets of drawers have a clear hard plastic cover that locks in place when closed.  A nice feature.

Overall operation of the L-BOXX-3D falls in place with the rest of Bosch’s L-BOXX click and Go System. 

This case is completely compatable  with other L-BOXX cases and easily clicks in and locks  with other L-BOXX tool cases  for easy transport and handling. 

The drawers for this item slide in and out with ease, but also are designed to lock closed for transport.

Overall Impression:

If I was to change or add to any one thing it would be to add in an actual locking feature that may allow you to lock in your drawers.

The days of having multiple miscellaneous boxes of fasteners and glues spread throughout my truck have come to an end.  The L-BOXX-3D stores all of my carpentry needs in terms of fasteners and adhesion products but is limitless in terms of how each individual may want to customize and use it.

 The L-BOXX-3D will keep whatever you store dust free and easily accessible increasing your versatility as well as your overall professional appearance.  At the end of the day, homeowners and contractors alike appreciate an organized and efficient work space. 

Thanks Bosch, you have done it again!

How Much and Where To Buy?

This Bosch L-BOXX 3D sells for approximately $100.00 [with all components] online here: Bosch-L-Boxx-3D-Storage-Removable-Drawers

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