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Bosch Jig Saw Blades for Plastics

Bosch T102D3  3 Inch 6 TPI Polypropylene High Carbon Steel Jig Saw Blades

Bosch now is offering four new T-shank  jigsaw blades to cut plastics, polymers and Plexiglas.

This is great news for exterior carpenters who use alot of PVC trim.  Unlike wood, PVC melts, dulls standard blades and needs to be deburred.  The problem with cutting PVC with a jigsaw is that you cant get crisp, clean cuts.



Cutting Plastics

Designed specifically to prevent plastic material melting and chipping while delivering accurate, precise cuts. The four new Bosch jig saw blades for plastics are:

Bosch jig saw blades for plastics are engineered to reduce breakage and the need for deburring and allow for much tighter cutting  with improved control.  One of the biggest issues professionals come up against when cutting plastics is heat. Conventional blades heat up, eventually melting the plastic around the blade. Bosch Plastic Range blades have a special relief in the teeth that shifts heat away from the blade and keeps the plastic around it cool, reducing messy cuts.

The Bosch blades are color coded by material application and will be available in most tool, big box and hardware stores.

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