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Looking Behind Walls With An Bosch Inspection Scope

Locating A Roof Leak With A Bosch Inspection Scope:Bosch inspection scope ps91-1a

I recently was asked to evaluate a wet spot on the floor of a 3rd floor attic.    The leak was under some skylights and the owner was unsure if rain came in an opened skylight or if she had a leak.

My first thought was to check the skylight since they are notorious for seal and flashing leaks.  Upon closer look at the skylight I noticed some DVDs on the sill, when I moved them I noticed water damage on the plaster.

Knowing that this was a flashing issue I wanted to see how long and how bad the leak was.

I used my moisture meter which told me the carpet and plaster below the skylight was high in moisture than other surrounding areas.

Under the skylight was a set of drawers and I figured I could remove a drawer and drill an access hole to get my 12 volt Bosch Inspection Scope model PS91-1A in for a peek.

Using The Bosch PS91-1A To Look Behind The Walls:

The Bosch Inspection Scope PS91-1A is ideal for looking behind walls.  I use it for locating pluming leaks, evaluating insulation, and looking for framing or structural issues.

The PS91-1A  Bosch Inspection Scope allows you to get  eyeballs in tight spots.  The scope comes with a waterproof flexible imager that is a full 48-inches in length and has a camera head that is only 17mm in diameter.

The scope has a durable metal head with a  bight LED light to illuminate dark area for for the scope.

The PS91-1A  has a 2.7-inch display, and controls that allow the you to magnify the image up to four times.  A video output cable can also be used with an external video monitor if needed.

When I removed the drawer I was pleased to see a pre-drilled hole for surround sound speaker wires.

The Bosch Inspection Scope easily inserted into the speaker wire hole and after a few minutes I was able to visually determine that the leak had only stained the plywood sub-floor indicating the leak was fairly new and no permanent damage had occurred.

Most importantly scope allowed me to determine that there was no rot or dangerous mold behind the wall.   By getting a visual of what was behind the wall we were better able to make decisions on how to to approach the repair.

Had there been mold we would have had to open the walls and and replace the insulation and blue-board and plaster.

Without the scope you would have to cut a large hole in the wall for inspection…. then repair it that hole if nothing was wrong.   By using the scope we saved that step, which in turn saves time, material and money.

We caught this one in time!!

The Bosch Inspection Scope PS91-1A 12V Lithium-Ion Max Inspection Camera Industrial Kit sells for $ 292.00 online here:  Bosch-PS91-1A-Lithium-Ion-Inspection-Industrial



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