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Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure

Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure

Bosch Laser Measure GLM 15

Bosch is sizing up the competition on laser measures with their introduction of the Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure.

The Bosch GLM 15 is a super compact laser measure that is has a range from 6 inches to 50 feet within ⅛ of an inch of accuracy.  Designed for fast, reliable, indoor measuring this little laser is pocket size and easy to use and will sell for $49.00.

Bosch GLM Laser Measure Video Review

First Impression:

Measuring in at 4″ x 1.4″ x 0.9″ and weighing only 2 ounces this new laser is truly “pocket size” and portable.   Its size and rectangular shape allow to to be placed against or on top of surfaces in all directions.

The GLM 15 is powered by two AAA batteries will shut off after 5-minutes of non-use, to save the batteries.

The best part of the Bosch GLM 15 is that it is super simple to operate, with only one button operation to turn on and measure.   This tool was designed for the contractor looking to get walk-off measurements.

Using the Bosch GLM 15

The GLM 15 turns on with one touch of a button, and defaults to always-on [continuous]  measuring.   A second push of the button records a one measurement, allowing a total of two stored measurements.  Pressing and holding the button one more time turns it off.

One nice feature is that this laser can be operated with one-hand.  This is the type of simplicity that is tough to screw up!

The GLM 15’s  square, flat design makes the product easy to use on any surface.    Measurements start at the back of the tool for easy distance marking so there is no “add-on” math needed.

I tested the GLM 15 out and compared the results to my tape measure and determined that the results were accurate only the GLM 15 was way faster.   Using a tool like this that give reliable measurements can only speed up a contractors efficiency.

There are a ton of uses for this tool  and here’s a few of them:

 How Much and Where To Buy?

The GLM 15 Laser Measure sells online for $40 here: Bosch-GLM-15-Compact-Measure

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