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Bosch European Small Scale Kitchen Designs

Bosch European Small Scale Kitchen Designs

Small Scale Kitchen Appliance Designs

Probably the biggest remodeling challenge, and reward, is transforming a worn, outdated space into a purposeful, unobtrusive, efficient and enjoyable space.

That’s probably why I’ve always admired and respected Bosch as a tool manufacturer and a kitchen appliance brand. Let’s face it, there’s no disputing their longstanding heritage in quality German engineering and design.

Less Is More

Typical kitchen and laundry room remodel projects often propel me to work in large expansive kitchens on day, and then in galley, or city scale spaces next!

In order to best represent my client, and be a thought leader, I need to be up-to-date on thoughtful, pragmatic solutions to their spatial issues.

The trend lately, has me remodeling and outfitting appliances in spaces other than kitchens, such as, pool houses, guesthouses, nanny suites, media rooms, empty nesters downsizing projects, and other ancillary spaces.

Bosch European Scale Kitchens

Recently at the 2016 International Builders show in Las Vegas I spied the Bosch European Kitchen. As I mentioned above, I pride myself in being a problem solver and the whole preface to this Bosch design is based on 24-inch wide appliances, specifically designed for small-scale spaces.  Problem solved!

Think – Sleek, Modern 24″ Kitchen Suite

Smaller doesn’t mean suffering. The 24″ Bosch kitchen is specifically designed for small spaces, yet it provides the same innovation, design and efficiency that their larger appliances offer.

They offer the following massive array of small space appliances:

Bosch 24″ Cooktops

Cooktop burners are the norm these days and gas cooktops offer optimal cooking flexibility with high heat and low simmer options.

Available in gas or electric, the 24″ Cooktops are innovative and good looking. The Gas Cooktop includes an 11,500 BTU burner, two simmer burners and one medium burner, and great looking stainless steel knobs. The Electric Cooktop offers the flexibility of four burners of varying size and power, with a sleek look and frameless design.

Bosch 24″ Pull-Out Visor Hood

The sleek looking Pull-Out Visor Hood has a powerful 400 CFM blower to suck out the steam and smells created while cooking. Super-efficient and highly effective, the suction grille pulls out when in use and stores neatly inside the unit when the ventilation is not in use.

Bosch 24″ Wall Oven

The Bosch convection wall oven features 10 cooking modes and two levels of broiling to accommodate standard and large meat sizes.

Like all of the small scale designs, the wall has a sleek European look and all of the functions you’ll need – no sacrificing here!

A built-in cleaning function, called DualCleanTM system, uses a catalytic coating and high heat to clean the oven during the cooking process.

Bosch 18″ Dishwashers

My wife says I don’t listen but I heard her loud and clear the time when she tells me our dishwasher is too loud!

The number one feature homeowners look for in a dishwasher is quietness, and the Bosch dishwasher is just that – QUIET!   Shhhhh . . .  it’s so quiet that that Bosch had to add an InfoLight to let you know
 the unit is running.

The Bosch 18″ Dishwashers features a 3rd rack height adjustment system and a built-in water softener, no wonder they win so many dishwasher design awards. It comes with different handle options such as bar, recessed and custom panel ready options. An ADA compliant unit is also an option. Think “age in place.”

Bosch 24″ Refrigerators

Two options are available, and both fit small spaces with cool sophistication.

This European style refrigerator provides 10 cu. ft. of space, three freezer drawers and is ENERGY STAR rated for efficiency.  It include a HydroFresh drawer to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, LED lighting throughout, as well as a wine rack and a sealed crisper.

The Stainless Steel Refrigerator and Glass Door Refrigerators have been named ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient for 2015, offering greater efficiency with features such as beautiful LED lighting. Showcasing a luxury look, the exclusive 24″ Glass Door Refrigerator is available in black, white or glass-on-stainless steel. I like the glass coating because it virtually eliminates the stainless steel fingerprint problem and is MUCH easier to keep clean!

Bosch 24″ Compact Laundry

Many folks these days are sticking laundry closets in niches, closets and other spaces that were never intended to be laundry spaces. Enter the 24” compact laundry design and I now have a solution to a common problem.

These units stack or install side by side under a kitchen counter. These compact units deliver quiet performance and ruthless efficiency.

The 500 and 800 Series laundry pairs are Energy Star qualified.  The BEST part is the dryer can be placed anywhere since it does not require venting, which is always a common issue and concern.


These Bosch units get the job done and still provide valuable, albeit limited, counter space for food preparation in small spaces.

Whether your working in a small space or adding these smaller units to a “special place,” these units do-it-all, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Outfit a second kitchen, specialty space or urban dweller design can often be a challenge. The Bosch Europeon Smaller Scale Design solves the spatial issues and has a lot to offer.

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