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Bosch SDS Cordless Hammer Drill

Bosch RHH180-01 120-Volt 18-Volt 3/4-Inch SDS-Plus Hammer

The Bosch SDS cordless hammer drill is a compact, light weight powerhouse!   I recently had the opportunity to bring this drill out to some job-sites and put it to work.

When I first saw it I thought… cordless, No way!  Boy was I wrong.

The Bosch SDS Cordless Hammer Drill RHH180-01 has 360 in./lbs. of torque in a 5-2/3-pound body, making a no brain-er tool for tight spot or overhead   drilling.    Installing overhead electrical metal conduit comes to mind…..  my shoulders just ache thinking about it.

The Bosch RHH180-01  hammer’s is a no nonsense tool that is designed to work and be productive.  Bosch designed this hammer to be compatible with both Bosch SlimPack and Fat Pack lithium-ion batteries, and  it comes with a 30 minute charger.

I let my brother, a plumber use this tool and he had four words to describe it, “This tool is awesome!”

Thoughts on the Bosch RHH180-01 SDS Hammer Drill:

I have used lots of rotary hammer drills but have never used a cordless SDS hammer drill.  I thought it was light weight for a cordless (it felt approximately the same weight as my other corded rotary hammer drills of the same size).

It was extremely powerful. I couldn’t tell any difference in power between this cordless drill and a corded type drill.  It was ergonomically correct and comfortable to hold and operate.

A tool free bit changer was easy to operate and a nice touch.  The handle is adjustable 360 degrees and it has a drill bit depth gauge if needed.

The trigger was my favorite.  It’s a variable speed trigger and is controlled and adjustable by the touch of your finger for better control a feature that helps considerably when starting new holes.

Sometimes setting finish in a new remodel or new house there is no power readily available yet…so it’s nice not to have to set up and drag a cord around just for a few holes!

This tool is built rugged and definitely powerful and durable enough for professional tradesmen to use on a regular basis. Of course the do-it -yourself-er will love it too!

My ONLY negative about this tool is that the LED light is lacking in usefulness.  This tool doesn’t even need a light!  In it’s current position, the LED light shines more up onto the tool than the work space and it is not bright enough.   This wouldn’t deter me from buying it at all!

You can purchase the Bosch SDS Cordless Hammer Drill online here:  Bosch-RHH180-01-120-Volt-18-Volt-SDS-Plus

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