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Bosch Click And Go System: L-BOXX Containers 

The folks at Bosch recently asked me to evaluate and review the Bosch Click and Go System. You may recognize this system by L-Boxx containers.

As part of my review I decided to completely revamp my 6’ x 10’ tool trailer to test out the effectiveness and efficiency that this system is supposed to deliver. 

Call it a “tool trailer make-over” or “pimping my trailer” it was a large endeavor and took some work.   Was it worth it?

Read on…

What is the Bosch Click and Go System? 

The Bosch Click and Go System utilizes the L-BOXX and one of two proprietary transport dollys to create a tailored, customizable tool storage and transport system for the mobile contractor, like me. 

Before Photo

Research has shown that the key to becoming better organized on the job site is through the use of modular organizers. 

The click and Go System is designed to allow for better and more secure storage, better organization and much easier mobility from one job site to the next. 

The L-BOXX containers come in four compatible sizes and allow a single click, locking and stacking option.   The stacking feature allows the containers to click, lock and work together to make storage and transportation of your tools safe, secure, easy and efficient.

The beauty of this system is that it allows several boxes to be clicked together 

allowing you to move several tools at once and transport them using two transport modes; a four wheel cart called a L-DOLLY and a two wheeler called an L-CART.

I preferred the L-CART as it make more sense for what I do and has more mobility over rough terrain.

Why Use the Bosch Click and Go System? 

After photo

According to research, organization is key to being productive at work. Research has shown that only 33% of our time on the job site is productive. The rest of that time is spent on tasks such as material runs, unplanned demands, and interruptions, searching for tools, searching for parts and running errands. 

I know we can’t control all of the “time sucks” but we can organize our tools and accessories to save time searching for and digging around for stuff. 

In the embedded video I poke fun at trying to carry too many tool boxes at once – but that’s not uncommon and I bet its happened to you once or twice – right? 

I combined these 3 boxes to 1 L-BOXX

It only makes sense to organize your tools and accessories in such a way as to minimize the time it takes to store, locate, access as well as transport them to and from the job site. Time is money right? 

Bosch’s Click and Go Storage solutions are designed to improve tool organization and transportation on the job site. Because you can customize this system you can “set up” several tool boxes and combine certain tools and accessories to perform your most common, or specific tasks, such as a trim kit, or a plumbing kit. 

The boxes are lightweight, compact and uniform in size which lends itself to a neat and professional looking storage as well as easy stacking. 


Video Review On The Click and Go system:

First Impression:

The L-BOXX containers are constructed out of reinforced ABS plastic. My first impression was that they were lightweight, fairly rugged and secure cases.

3 tools combined to one box

The L-BOXX has with three carrying options: a top, front and side handle option.   The top handles recess into the top lid to allow the containers to stack on top of each other.

The sides of the cases all have red, spring loaded, clips that allow the L-BOXX container to clip in and lock on top of another L-BOXX. This allows the L-BOXX containers to securely stack and also un-clip by depressing the two red clips at the same time.

The case’s locking lid clips open quickly and close just as easy. The L-BOXX containers are fully crash tested, durable and the only weak point is the spring clips. When used with the foam inserts you can assure a shock proof protection for your delicate tools.

The L-BOXX containers come in four compatible height options to accommodate various tool sizes or multiple tool storing. 

I immediately saw how useful this system would be when storing or transporting tools in a truck or trailer. Several L-BOXX containers can be locked together and lashed down to create a neat, secure and organized stack of tool boxes. Try doing this with different size and shape boxes – good luck with that!

The design of the L-BOXX lids creates a dust free and water resistant protection from rain which is a huge plus if you transport your tools in an open pick up truck. These boxes are neither water proof nor IP65 rated and I would not recommend storing them outdoors permanently but will endure a good rain storm. I sprayed them with my house and no water entered.

3 tools and room for accessories

When organizing my tools with the Click and Go System I used the customizable foam inserts on most of my tools. These foam inserts are the “pluck and pull” type of foam that allow you to remove foam to create an outline of the tool for safe and secure storage.

My first impression of the L-Cart was that it screamed of quality. I loved the fact that it has an oversized base and built in bungee cords for lashing the L-BOXX containers. When the base is folded for storage the two wheels fold close automatically and the handle telescopes up for leverage and down for storage.


Customizing My Tool Trailer:

After photo

One by one I started with a goal to combine two or more similar tools into one L-BOXX which eliminated the additional tool box and allowed me to combine all of the related accessories and in some cases parts.

Here’s a few examples of what I did:

1. One large L-BOXX allowed me to combine a cordless drill and two impact drivers with a tackle box of accessories and drill bits. Doing this allowed me to create more space on my shelves by eliminating two tool boxes and the tackle box from the shelves.

 2. One larger L-BOXX combined two 500 watt halogen work lamps and two cordless lamps freeing up shelf space.

3. I combined all of my sanders as well as my cordless and corded jigsaw into larger L-BOXX containers.  In both situations creating more space.

I took all of the tool boxes out of my trailer and started thinking about which tools I use and why. I was trying to identify my most used tools, tools that I use together and also tried to group tools that are used to accomplish certain applications.

customizable foam protects tool

I found the customizable “pick and pluck” foam inserts not only easy to use but extremely effective in securing and protecting my tools. I used it when ever I could to keep tools from moving around but the foam really shined when used with my more delicate tools such as lasers and inspection scopes. [see embedded video] The beauty of the customizable foam inserts is that they allow you to adapt to other brand tools quickly and easily.


The L-CART easily navigates steps

Click and Go In the Workshop:

The L-BOXX containers are also great to stack and store tools in the workshop shop and will help keep your tools dust-free and easily accessible.

L-BOXX Specifications:

Click and GO Transport Systems:

Bosch offers two transport modes to choose from. The first is a four wheeled platform called the L-DOLLY. This one confused me since I

have always called a two wheeled hand truck a “dolly.” And this L-DOLLY reminds me of a 4-wheel furniture dolly.


The L-DOLLY is a solidly constructed composite plastic cart that allows for several, up to 54” in height, L-BOXX containers to be stacked and moved around with and easy push with one hand.

The L-Dolly has durable hard rubber wheels with 360 degree spinners, is solid and weighs 8 pounds. Its dimensions are 25.4″W x 7.2″H x 19.4″L.

The L-CART if the best transport for rugged terrain

In my opinion this system is best suited for finished floor – interior spaces and office buildings. A transport cart like the L-DOLLY would be a maintenance technicians dream.


The L-CART is what I call a dolly and is what most mobile contractors will gravitate towards. It’s a two wheeled hand truck on steroids! I fell in love with it immediately!

The L-CART is solid and lightweight at 7.7 pounds. Its dimensions are 42 ¼” h x 20” w x 20 5/8”L. The L-CART also folds flat for convenient storage and does not take up much of a foot print in your truck or trailer.The base or the L-CART is

Click-able, stack-able transport

large and wide which helps maintain stability when wheeling around a stack of your tool boxes. A built in bungee system wraps around your L-BOXX containers twice to ensure secure and redundant protection while moving.

NOTE – when filming my video review I wrapped the bungee cord only once around the L-BOXX containers. Bosch recommends and the bungee is designed to be wrapped twice for safer transport and to keep the L-BOXX load stable while transporting on uneven job site terrain.

The rubber wheels are rubber and sturdy allowing for easy travels over rugged terrain and up and down stairs

Custom Exact-Fit Tool Inlays:

One thing that I did not do but is worth mentioning is that Bosch is now offering many of their newer tools with an L-BOXX carry case.

L-CART base and wheels fold for storage

They also have customized inserts that hold individual tools in place with room to keep other accessories and parts. These inserts can be ordered directly from Bosch.

L-BOXX-1 Parts Organizer:

Part of my tool trailer “make over” involved reorganizing all of the coffee cans full of parts and accessories stacked up in a big mess. I used the L-BOXX-1A which has colored modular organizers to store parts and accessories.

Doing this allowed me to toss what I haven’t been using and store for quick access what I end up spending lots of time searching for when needed. Now I can bring my parts into the job-site with one box.

This L-BOXX-A will no doubt save me time in searching for parts.

Proper use of the bungee straps is to “double wrap”

Product Retail Price:

Overall Impression:

I‘ve been using the Click and Go system for several weeks and on every job-site I’ve been to I get comments from homeowners and other contractors on how professional and organized my trailer looks. I also get the same comments when I roll into the job site with a cart of uniform looking and organized tool boxes or kits.

Perception is reality and if folks perceive you to be professional, organized, “got your shit together” then guess what – you do!!

The L-CART easily navigates steps

That goes along way to having them like you, pay you and hire you in the future!!

The Click and Go System allowed me to customize my tool storage and create an efficient, stack-able tool storage system that is safe, secure and easier to transport to and from the job site.

Easy and accessible storage and portability are key to improved productivity and less down time searching for tools.

In the end I was letft with two tools that did not fit in an L-BOXX;  my Porter Cable reciprocating saw and my Bosch hammer-drill.  both of these items remain in their original cases. 

Time is money – what are you doing to save time?


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