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Bosch 4.0 Ah Battery

Bosch 4.0 Ah COOL PACK batteries:

Bosch recently released their new 4.0 Amp Hour batteries with COOL PACK technology and built in fuel gauges.

The “COOL PACK” can be recognized on the batteries in the form of red colored ribbing at the bottom and sides of the new battery.


COOL PACK is a heat-conductive housing built into the battery pack which pulls heat from inside the battery and allows it to dissipate on the outside.   It significantly reduces heat build up with in the battery pack and allows the battery stay cooler and last longer.  Bosch claims that the COOL PACK is responsible for 65% more run time on the battery.

Cool Batteries Lasts Longer

This is huge for Bosch.  Everyone who works with cordless tools knows that heat built up kills the battery and longevity of the tool.  Brush-less motors keep the motor cooler and now the COOL PACK keep the battery cooler.

Longer Lasting Batteries

As a contractor a 4.0 Ah battery that lasts 65% longer means more run time on my tools and less replacement costs with the tool platform.  When I consider what Bosch’s Jason Feldner says, “the 4.0 Ah battery  gives you more gas in the tank,”  and more “gas” means I can seriously consider using a cordless tool on applications where I would never have before.

For example the 4.0 Ah battery used with the Bosch RHH181 SDS Rotary Hammer will allow a user to drill 150 holes 3/4 in diameter in concrete.

BOSCH New 4.o Ah Battery Video:

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