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Bosch 18 Volt Rotary Hammer

Bosch 18V Rotary Hammer, Model  RHH181Bosch-RHH181-Rotary-Hammer

This week AConcordCarpenter is going to the annual World of Concrete [WOC] in LasVegas. WOC is a show dedicated to the industries commercial concrete and masonry trades.  We are especially looking forward to getting our hands on the Bosch 2013 new tool releases, especially the Bosch 18 Volt Rotary Hammer.

For 2013 Bosch is releasing a newer version of their 18 volt cordless rotary hammer, next generation grinders and a 12 Volt compact radio.

Bosch 18 Volt Rotary Hammer, model RHH181 :

The Bosch 18 Volt 3/4 SDS rotary hammers are well known for their compact size, light weight and impressive impact power.  AConcordCarpenter’s staff plumber uses the older RHH180 SDS Rotary Hammer Drill exclusively and loves it!

The Bosch RHH1812 has the same technical specifications as the prior 180 model.  Additionally Bosch added newer features to the RHH181 such as:

Chisel Function:

The Bosch RHH181has a pneumatic hammer mechanism  and rotation function that can be used separately or in combination, i.e., chisel – hammer mode, drill mode, or both.

CORE EC Motor:

The Bosch CORE brush-less motor has integrated electronics that monitor the motor and battery to make a smarter harder working and more efficient tool.  As a result this tool is designed to run 50% longer, cooler and require less maintenance.   A brushless tool uses less energy, has better torque, runs cooler and runs longer which subsequently allows you to get more work done per charge.  Brushless technology as allowed Bosch to achieve better tool efficiency and increased power.

Electric Motor Protection protects the motor from overload by continuously controlling discharge current, temperature of the battery pack and discharge status. The tool has built in limits based on proven tolerances that will shut down the motor to represent overheating or deep discharge thus preventing a catastrophic tool failure and damage.

The motors efficiency allows this tool to drill a reported 150 holes [1/4 x 1-1/2″] in concrete on one battery charge.

4.0 Ah Batteries:

The Bosch 4.0 Ah batteries are redesigned with what Bosch calls a “COOL PACK.”  The COOL PACK is the red colored ribbing at the bottom and sides of the new battery.

COOL PACK is a heat-conductive housing built into the battery pack which pulls heat from inside the battery and allows it to dissipate on the outside.   It significantly reduces heat build up with in the battery pack and allows the battery stay cooler and last longer.   Bosch claims that the COOL PACK is responsible for 65% more run time on the battery.

This is huge for Bosch.  Everyone who works with cordless tools knows that heat built up kills the battery and longevity of the tool.  Brush-less motors keep the motor cooler and now the COOL PACK keep the battery cooler.

Bosch RHH181 Specifications:


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