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Bosch 18 Volt LED Work Light

Bosch  18 Volt LED Work Light Review BLI18V-420Cost $54.95-62.56

I had the opportunity to look at the Bosch 18 Volt LED Work Light.  Whether you’re a tradesman, DIYer, or weekend warrior you have at one time or another have used so

me form of portable lighting.  From power outages, initial stage job sites, camping, or dimly lit closets or crawlspaces; flashlights, candles, spot lights, and flood lights are a great item to have.

This particular light is a no frills kind of lighting solution, but do not let that fool you, at 420 lumens, it supplies enough light for just about any task.   Familiarity lies with The GLI18V-420B utilizing the 18v Bosch battery platform.  Unfortunately this tool comes as a bare tool, sold as just the light itself and a carry case.

If I were to market this item to campers or put it on the list of emergency tools in case of a power outage I might at the very least throw in a slim pack battery with a maybe the idea of a light duty AC/DC charger.  On the other hand, for those of us already using the Bosch line, batteries and chargers are no stranger to our kits.  In that instance this tool comes in handy when working in those cabinets, closets, or basement spaces as I mentioned before.

Bosch 18 Volt LED Work Light Features

Using the Bosch 18 Volt LED Work Light

I utilized the 4Ah 18V battery I happened to have charged and used it for several days for different small jobs.

The Bosch 18 Volt LED Work Light served me well, in a multitude of different purposes.  In testing I fortunately and slightly unfortunately found myself in the midst of a power outage.  I was able to light up every room I entered with ease, so much so I found myself not even remotely concerned if the power was to return.

I then found myself using the Bosch 18 Volt LED Work Light  when I needed to get into an extremely dark crawl space to adjust a door hinge. Later I used it in an attic to squirrel-proof a roof overhang that was connected to that space. I then found myself fixing a leaky hose to my kitchen sink.  Now the awkward positioning, well is just that, awkward, but the Bosch 18 Volt LED Work Light provided more than enough light to complete the task without mounting a light to my forehead, holding a flashlight from my mouth, or rigging some contraption for a lighting solution in a well known dark space.


First and foremost a compact light offering 420 lumens is nothing short of impressive.  Add 5 adjustable angles and a 13.5 hour runtime on a 6Ah 18V battery, you’ve just got yourself a work light to stand up or lay down for whatever the task might be.

If I were to offer suggestions for improvement, the switch itself seems a bit loose and several times ive grabbed the tool to either move it or return it to the tool box and the switch was easily depressed leaving me with either no light or too much light.

The other item for discussion is the light diffuser.  Unfortunately I did not notice a difference in the lighting defusing feature. Finally, the adjustable strap was just not my favorite feature, but still appreciated.

Overall still a solid lighting solution to the needs of many.


The Bosch GLI18V-420B 18V LED Worklight Bare Tool, provides a great lighting solution for an abundance of tasks.  A purchase, depending on where you look, from $54.95-62.56 gives the user options for poorly lit situations.  As a bare tool I may not purchase this unless I already operated the Bosch 18V line.  However if Bosch was to come out with a charging option with a slim pack 18V battery, I would suggest this tool to everyone.  Overall the GLI18V-420B will provide 13.5 hours of runtime with 5 adjustable angles, what more could you ask for in a portable, cordless lighting tool.

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