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BORA Adjustable Sliding T-bevel

BORA T-bevel Provides Angle Measurement Versatility

BORA®, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, introduces its new Adjustable Sliding T-bevel hand tool. Featuring a smooth sliding blade, the T-bevel can be accurately set to any angle from 0- to 180-degrees to measure new or duplicate existing angles.

Making accurate woodworking and carpentry layouts, framing cuts and marking uncommon angles can be completed easily and efficiently with the BORA Adjustable Sliding T-bevel, making it ideal for use in cabinetmaking, carpentry and woodworking applications.

I recently used this bevel to help lay out a jig I used to make 80 equilateral triangles to make a geodesic dome.  It worked as advertised, the blade moved smooth and the thumbscrew was easy to manipulate.

BORA Adjustable Sliding T-bevel Features: 

The T-bevel features a simple thumbscrew design for fast, secure locking with one hand.

A cylindrical vial allows for rough layout and leveling, while precise, molded angles on the tool’s body enhance versatility by ensuring accurate measurements for any angle, standard or unique.

One nice feature on the  BORA adjustable sliding t-bevel is the built-in guide for setting 3/16-inch trim reveals, and a stainless-steel blade is permanently etched with 1/16-inch graduations enabling easy to read measurements even after years of use.

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