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Black & Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench

Black & Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrenchBlack & Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench Review

The folks at Black & Decker recently sent me their ratcheting ReadyWrench.  I was intrigued by this innovative tool and wondered if it was good enough to replace an entire set of wrenches.

The Black & Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench offers the convenience of color-coded socket sizes for easy visibility and includes 16 of the most popular standard [SAE] and metric sizes. [MM]

First Impression:

At first glance, the ReadyWrench was bulky and heavy.   After playing around with it awhile I realized that the ratcheting ReadyWrench lives up to its name by providing the versatility you need to tackle a wide range of projects.

It fit comfortably in my hand and the switch to change ratcheting directions was easy to use.  Changing socket sizes was easy; all I had to do was swivel the socket.

The red color coding on each socket indicates the socket size.   The red color stands out and is easily recognized at a glance.

Using the ReadyWrench:

The Black & Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench was ideal for general household tasks, such as tightening carriage bolts on an outdoor swing set to assembling furniture and other items.

The wrench worked well.  It is limited to situations when the head of a bolt or nut is exposed.   The only issue I found with this wrench was that the socket tended to swivel if I did not hold the wrench steady.

Overall Impression:

The ReadyWrench has a rugged construction and can tackle jobs that would take 16 wrenches to do.  I liked it and recommend it if you’re looking for an all in one tool.  This would be an ideal tool to save space in the toolbox.

It does not work in every situation a thin wrench would but it covers a lot of situations and is still real useful to have.  If space in the toolbox is a concern this wrench replaced sixteen wrenches and is a no- brainer.

The Black & Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench is backed by a lifetime warranty and sells for $24.99 on here Black-Decker-RRW100-Ratcheting-ReadyWrench

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