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Bio-Orb Tumbling Composter

Bio-Orb Tumbling ComposterComposting Made Easy:

If you have potted plants, trees, shrubs, or any sort of flower or vegetable garden, adding compost can add natural organic nutrients to the soil without having to pay for expensive chemical fertilizers. It’s a must if your growing an organic garden.

Composting also reduces your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of garbage you throw in the landfill enter the Bio-Orb Tumbling Composter!

What is a  Bio-Orb Tumbling Composter?

Bio-Orb® is a closed system, and is perfect for a small yard or urban garden.  It is made of black plastic to absorb the heat and speed the breakdown of the compost. The plastic is 100% recycled and is made in Wisconsin, not in China or India as many other plastic compost bins are. It is quickly and easily assembled without tools and is secure enough to prevent critters from getting into it.

Too speed up the composting process all you have to do is roll it.  The rolling feature makes it possible to move the Bio Orb® to the garden bed when you are ready to use the compost.

Size and price:

Bio-Orb® has a 13 cu. ft. capacity and sells for approximately $89.95 here: Bio-Orb-Composter


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