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Best Bathroom Flooring

3 of the Best Types of Flooring for the Bathroom

Most of us think that we have limited choice when it comes to bathroom flooring. We can choose between stone, vinyl, or wood. Well, I’m happy to report that we have a lot more choice than that. There are so many different types of materials on the market today that are waterproof and look great, making them perfect for a bathroom environment. What’s nicer than stepping out of that relaxing steam shower onto beautiful flooring?

Stone Flooring

There is no doubt that stone lends a luxurious look and feel to any size of bathroom. It’s natural, beautiful, and will last forever with proper care. Despite appearances, marble is actually very soft to walk on making it super comfortable for bare feet. Worried about how cold stone might feel during the cooler months? Don’t be. Stone flooring will absorb the heat in a room. But, if you want an even warmer feel underfoot, then consider installing floor heating. The wires run under the tiles and radiate warmth up through the floor into the rest of the bathroom.

Vinyl Flooring

For years, vinyl was the first choice of flooring for renovators. It’s easy to understand why. First, vinyl is waterproof. Second, you don’t need to worry about fixing cracked tiles or cleaning grimy grout. In a typical bathroom setting, vinyl really can last a lifetime. There seemed to be only one problem with vinyl – it wasn’t very stylish. Fast forward to today. Vinyl is a hot, bathroom flooring trend once again. This time, though, manufacturers have gone upscale with elegant designs, custom patterns, and natural colors. Vinyl can be as high in quality as stone flooring.

Wood Flooring

Yes, you read that right. Wood is an excellent, and very luxurious, choice for bathroom flooring. I know, that statement goes against everything we’ve ever heard about wood. Steam and water are not wood’s friends. Then, why would anyone ever want to put wood flooring in a bathroom? Wood is beautiful to the eye and warm to the feet. As for the water issues, wood flooring has come a long way in the last decade. Natural wood can now be coated or engineered to withstand the amount of water and steam that bathrooms produce. If you’re considering new flooring for the bathroom, don’t pass up an opportunity to learn more about wood.

What’s your favorite type of flooring for the bathroom?



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