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Auto Adjust Clamps: Safer Woodworking And Cabinet Making

Bessey Auto Adjust Toggle Clamp

Bessey Auto Adjust Toggle Clamp

When it comes to efficiently and productivity in the shop, or on a job site, nothing beats tools and jigs that free your hands up and make your work safer and more accurate. In most cases great jigs involve some sort of clamping device.

Many times when working in the shop I end up wishing I had help or an extra hand to hold something.  When working alone in your shop its important to find the right tools or jigs that make your work process flow easier, faster and stress free.  I recently had the opportunity to update my shaper table cutter sled with Bessey Auto Adjust Toggle Clamp.

Cabinet Door Making Jigs

My shaper sleds are dedicated to making frame and panel cabinet doors.  I have two jig sleds;  one for cutting style grooves and the other for cutting copes in the rails.  The jig is designed to slide in a groove, offering sliding movement accurately parallel to shaper cutter.

Why Auto Adjust Clamps?

Auto adjusting clamps hold  your work secure with even, clamping pressure.   I consider them my third hand as they keep my hands free and safe from cutter blades.  The beauty is once you set them you can open and close them over and over.

The Bessey Auto Adjust Toggle Clamp features an oil-resistant two-component plastic grip, an anti-slide device and lever stop, a rotating pressure plate with removable protective cap, and a base plate hole pattern with lots of mounting options.

The best part of these clamps is that they automatically adjust to work piece dimensions while maintaining constant clamping force and, easily adjust that clamping force with a thumb screw, when open or a screw driver when closed.  This adjustment screw sets the clamping force anywhere from 25 to 550 lbs, depending on clamping application.

These clamps allow you to work faster with a wide range of clamping thickness ranges.  In addition to allowing me to clamp items faster, they also have a lower profile than my older bulkier clamps.  [See comparison photo in below photo gallery.]

Other Uses For Bessey auto Adjust Toggle Clamps

There are a ton of uses for these clamps from tenon jigs on a table saw, to bench mounted, and drill press mounted clamps.   Bessey offers several different configurations in these clamps to give you the creativity and flexibility to solve workshop clamping and jig making issues.

STC-HH50 2″ Horizontal Toggle Clamp

STC-HH70 2-3/4″ Horizontal Toggle Clamp

STC-IHH25 1″ Inline Toggle Clamp

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